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Michael Loftus & The Party Goers chat culture, entertainment, some politics & just about anything else. This week: Taco trucks, Trump in Mexica & modern dance. You have to listen to get the last one. 

We need to smile more! We're Right! And we want you to join us. This site is going to be a celebration of all wonderful ways being Right-minded makes to world a better place.

Capitalism - This site is place you can pimp your business using our Instagram page or our blog. We love entrepreneurs and as we grow will be building an interactive marketplace where community members can sell their goods and services. YES! ​ You did build that!

Individualism - Members of The Loftus Party don't need the government to protect us from ourselves. We fight big government with humor, always. We also operate a strict free speech zone. If you need a safe space, we are not the site you are looking for.

Giving - Right-minded folks give to charity as a matter of course. We will actively seek out good organizations doing great work and let you know about them.

So join The Party and help make being Right-minded as fun, fabulous & sexy as it actually is!


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